IMPORTANT Weekly Moped Checks
  1. Oil -  Check Levels.

  2. Condition of tyres/wheels  - Check that they are Inflated and if any cuts or wear.

  3. Condition of Brakes  - Visual check and note any braking issues.

  4. Brake Light/Switches - Check that they are working.

  5. Mirrors - Check for damage.

  6. Exhaust system - Check the exhaust is complete and not blowing.

  7. Headlamp - Check that it is working and no damage.

  8. Reflectors and rear markings, e.g. L Plates etc . - Check they are clean & undamaged.

  9. Direction indicators - Check they are working , clean & undamaged.

  10. Horn - Check that this is working.

  11. General damage – chips, dents, scratches. - Take photos if necessary.

  12. Kit – PADLOCK - Check that this is working.

  13. Kit – Crash Helmet - Check that it is undamaged.

Declaration: All checks detailed above carried out and any problems mentioned.
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