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Application Process

After the application form and accompanying documentation has been reviewed the next step in the process is for the client to be contacted by a member of the W2W team to go through a series of questions to determine whether the W2W Moped Scheme is in fact the best option for them. The questions will cover the following:

Driving licence check - the applicant will be asked to confirm whether they hold a minimum of a provisional driving/motorcycle licence. If not an application for a provisional motorbike licence will need to be applied for. If the applicant has a licence they will be asked to provide a code from the DVLA ‘Share my Licence’, for W2W to verify their licence. The client is given a step by step guide to complete this on the DVLA’s website

Insurance - once the applicant's licence has been checked, W2W will speak to our insurance providers to confirm that we can provide insurance for the individual. Unfortunately, in some instances, if there are specific driving or criminal convictions evident W2W may not be able to secure insurance and therefore, the individual will not be able to join the Moped Scheme.

Transport - We will discuss public transport options available from the applicant's home and whether the place of work or training could be reached by bicycle. This is to ensure that the moped loan would be the best option for each applicant.

Financial - the applicant will be informed of all the costs of being on the W2W Moped Loan Scheme and a discussion regarding the individual’s income will take place to ensure they can meet the scheme payment, payable monthly in advance, on time and on a regular basis.  Payments are made by Standing Order or BACS so individuals need to have a bank account in order to join the scheme.  We will discuss the Terms and Conditions with the Applicant.  Applicants need to make sure that they can comply with all Terms and Conditions.  

Security and care of vehicle - The scheme is sustainable only if members being loaned mopeds take daily care of the vehicle and keep it well maintained and secure, not only for their own safe usage but also so that it stays in good condition for the next applicant in need.

Timing - It can take time to get to the point of issue of a moped especially if the applicant still needs to get a licence or there are problems providing proof of residence, job offer etc.  We will discuss and work with applicants to ascertain the likely start date. It is better to get a licence and apply to join the scheme, getting provisionally accepted subject to confirmation of work or training, rather than apply expecting to start riding immediately only to be disappointed when this cannot be achieved.  The CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) also needs to be arranged and completed prior to the loan start. The loan period will be discussed both to ensure that it will be sufficient for the applicant's need but also to help individuals plan for the vehicle's return.

At the end of this checking and discussion phase, we will have ascertained whether there are any factors preventing the applicant from joining the scheme and have agreed together that the moped loan scheme is the best option.  The next step in the process would be to move on to obtaining the CBT and, if completed satisfactorily, the setting up of payments and issue of the moped.

moped logo 1.jpg